About Us

The Beginning:

Founded in February 1991 by childhood friends Terry Craven and Mike Connelly primarily as a distributor of computer accessories and supplies to some of the largest, most prestigious businesses at the time.  By the end of 1992 they had amassed a impressive roster of clients that included Chase Manhattan Bank, Bear Stearns, Sotheby’s and many others.

A Changing World:

By 1996 with the explosion of the internet and e-Commerce the business shifted to adding technical support, repair and consulting services.  In the early days Novell Netware was the predominant office network operating system that was installed.  Within a few years the market shifted again and the predominant server operating system became Microsoft Windows NT.

Healthcare Franchise Roll-out:

From 2006 thru 2008 we were contracted by an international healthcare company to build and support their franchised dental offices.  In the span of 2 years we built and supported more than 40 locations in 4 states (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Florida) and built and supported a fully integrated and secure VPN network.  Unfortunately, by 2009 their business model suffered and they have since liquidated and closed and / or sold off their US interests.

Present Day:

Presently, we have locations in midtown Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut to support over 1,200 clients located in the Northeast of the United States as their outsourced Managed Services IT Provider.  Our clients generally fall into one of three categories:

Small and Medium businesses in the areas of Legal, Financial, Construction, Hospitality and Transportation with specialized experience in affordable, scale-able cloud solutions.

Private and Group Medical / Dental practices ranging from family practitioners, dentists, oral surgeons, radiology centers, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and many more.

Home Technologies – installing and supporting Smart Home systems in client residences, corporate board rooms and commercial buildings.

Terry Craven  – Mike Connelly  – 2006

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