The IT requirements of every private medical practice – large or small, group or solo practice – have taken on a whole new dimension of installation and support considerations since the enactment of the HIPAA / Hitech Acts.  Every patient that is registered with your practice who completes your HIPAA consent are consenting to provide you (your practice) with their private information (PHI) and you (the practice manager, practice owner and doctors) in turn consent to protect it.  Your consent is both serious and significant and can potentially bring penalties and / or fines to your practice should a data breach ever occur (see article below).

Below is a simple HIPAA check list:

  • Does your practice have any Windows XP computers in service?
  • Does your practice have any Windows 2003 Servers in service.
  • Does your practice have a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan?
  • Are your systems being protected by a HIPAA compliant anti-virus subscription?
  • Are your systems being monitored for unauthorized access?
  • Is the patient Wifi separate from your secure office network?
  • Does your practice management software have password access enforced?

At ONLINE we have a full team of technology experts with the added experience, training and certifications to reasonably and affordably protect your network and your patients private information (PHI – protected Health Information).

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