Backup Server Solution

In recent weeks there have been numerous reports, specifically of dental offices having their systems and data attacked by bad actors demanding a ransom to unlock the data.  While these threats are very real our guidance continues to be the following:

vigilant perimeter defense:   a comprehensive network audit to identify any open port vulnerabilities AND a business grade firewall w/ active system monitoring, PLUS

endpoint defenses: active business class anti-virus / anti-ransomware detection on all endpoints (servers, workstations, etc), PLUS

an email filtering system: an email hosting provider with systems in place to detect and quarantine suspicious emails, PLUS

end user awareness: educating end users on how to detect and handle suspicious emails / web links, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY

proper DR (Disaster Recovery) preparedness: the most important part is your DR preparedness which includes the following:

multi-tiered data backup systems: multiple systems of automated and monitored backup events to separate systems (in-office and cloud)

an in-office Backup Server: in addition to the benefits of having a backup server (as outlined below) we are now able to perform DR Fire-drill testing several times a year which can satisfy any insurance / regulatory inquiry.

Our exclusive, industry leading BDR (Backup Data Recovery) solution has the following award winning features:

– data from the production server is synchronized every 15 minutes

– in the event of a server failure a virtual copy of the production server can be remotely built and launched on the BDR

– all files, folders and applications work as if the production server is online

– after the production server is brought back online the data is re-synced from the BDR -> production server

All of this happens within 30 minutes of deciding to initiate the BDR build.

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